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The Evie Peters Foundation

Who we are

In 2008, Evelyn "Evie" Peters lost her battle to breast cancer. Evie was a Walton County native and a symbol of the many small-town women who daily confront some form of breast cancer. Women just like her struggle to manage both the physical onslaught of the treatment and its financial drain on the family, while somehow summoning the strength to raise their children or simply make it to work on time even as their life force is being drained.  In 2009, Natalie Crawford, Evie's granddaughter, a lifelong Habersham County resident, started the foundation in honor of her grandmother's life and spirit and with the hopes that the foundation could support women and men in Habersham County who need it most.  For many of these affected families, just finding money to travel to and from treatment facilities can be a mountain to climb.  There are certainly no additional resources to give family the counseling that would help them weather the wreckage this disease brings to a home life that's been turned inside out.